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Amazon PPC, Listing Management & Ranking Strategies

Amazon Paid Marketing Services

Amazon has become the largest online channel in the world with over 1.3 million employees. It is estimated that 1 in every 2 dollars spent in retail in the US is spent on Amazon.

We offer a full amazon Marketing service from Amazon PPC, Listing Management, A+ Content, Brand Content, Amazon Testing and Ranking strategies.

From 7 figure sellers to launchpad brands.

Based in NZ with specialisations in all international Amazon marketplaces including US, Europe, Japan, UK, GCC and Australia.

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Amazon is hard. Let us help.

Amazon PPC Management

Amazon is as much a marketing platform as it is a place to buy and sell products. Our experienced team can help identify the best keywords, ideal ad types and retargeting budgets to maximise your Amazon sales. Success on amazon cannot happen without a significant investment in paid and organic strategies to get your product to the top of the list.

We can perform the necessary competitor analysis, keyword research and advert development including Amazon video ads.

  • Organic ranking and keyword research
  • Paid ranking strategies
  • Amazon Display Ads
  • Amazon Video Advertising
  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Product Targeting
  • Automated PPC Strategies
  • Customer Care Management
  • Training for in-house Amazon management

Amazon Listing Design & A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content and Listing Management

Amazon limits the amount of control merchants have on their FBA and FBM listings. This means what you do with your listing images, descriptions and A+ content is of paramount importance.

We can create and manage listing content and A+ content (formerly EBC – Enhanced Brand Content ) that focuses on conversions and maximises your opportunity to rank.

Photography, Videography, Copywriting, Keyword analysis, Multi-lingual translations for all Amazon Marketplaces.

We also manage and plan your Amazon A/B testing for product titles and A+ content.

Amazon Competitor + Keyword Research

A report which shows you the current estimated sales of your competitors, pricing recommendations and keyword research including search volumes and keyword trends to target.

  • Keyword Research
  • Search Volumes
  • Competitor sales volumes
  • Competitor category ranking information
  • Low competition keywords to target

Regardless of where you are in your Amazon journey, we can help you get your products listed FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant), optimised, available to sell and looking to maximise conversions.

4 P’s of Amazon Marketing


Specific details to the product. It’s title, description and other product specific information.


Pricing is not only a key factor of conversion but also ranking. Your competitor analysis report will inform this decision.


Your brand. Your story. Amazon provides the opportunity for brand registered companies to create their own space within amazon.


Amazon includes a complete DSP platform that allows you to pay for placements, display ads, boost products, retarget customers and promote videos for your products.

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